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The Clerk of Circuit Court is one of the constitutional officers elected by citizens of the county. In Virginia, the office dates from 1793. The Code of Virginia provides for over 800 responsibilities for the Clerk of Circuit Court, but his or her chief responsibilities include serving as recorder of deeds, deciding certain issues of probate, issuing marriage licenses, creating court records, and certifying and archiving all records of the circuit courts and other records as provided by law. Lee County’s current Clerk of Circuit Court, Rene Anderson Lamey, was elected in November 2015, with her 8 year term starting in January 2016.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has a long and proud history of providing citizens with full access to records maintained by public officials. The public records room of the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court has upheld this history since 1793 by providing the technology and staff by which any citizen may search the following records:


Land Records (Deeds)
Financing Statements
Assumed Names
Notary Public
Concealed Handgun Permit
Marriage Licenses
Wills and Probate
Court Records Criminal Division
Court Records Civil Division
Jury Service


Hunting/Fishing License




for Lee County


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